Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ontario's Best Burger Joints Ranked

This is it!! Southern Ontario’s best burger joints ranked!! 

These joints are ranked based on everything they have to offer:

  • Burger taste,
  • Fries,
  • Overall menu,
  • Atmosphere,
  • Price.

Try them all if you can.

Starting with the best!

Set up like a restaurant, has a great atmosphere, and has the overall best menu at any burger joint I’ve ever been to.  Top off all of that with locations across Ontario and we’ve got gem of a joint that is accessible to almost everyone.

This place just does so many things right, that its flaws are easily overlooked.  It offers the second best menu of all the joints, and their limited hours of operation make it something you want even more, just because you can’t always have it.

Holy Chuck has the juiciest and most delicious burger by far on this list.  Somewhat limited menu and not so great atmosphere keep it from topping out list, but the burger is a must-try for everyone.

The U.S. chain proves it can compete with Ontario’s best.  Although the atmosphere is hospital-like and the menu is one of the leanest, great tasting burgers keep Five Guys out of the bottom of the list.

Not so much a burger joint as it is a butcher shop; Royal Meats serves the freshest burgers you will find anywhere.  If they dedicated their business to burgers only, they could easily top our list.

This Etobicoke joint is the best in what I would call an upscale burger joint.  Great atmosphere, but long wait times and a break-apart bun stopped this place from making it out of the bottom half of the list.  I said in my review that I wouldn’t crave the burger again, but the atmosphere definitely makes me want to go back.

Considered one of Toronto’s best, they may need to step it up a bit in an ever more competitive market.  Too much cheese and overdone meat keeps this joint from fulfilling its destiny of having the best burger around.

Another disappointment from what is considered one of Toronto’s best.  Big Smoke Burger has great potential, but possibly the smallest burger on the list hold it back.  People will still talk about this joint as one of the best, but great atmosphere is clouding their judgment of the actual burger.

Magoo’s takes on a family atmosphere but keeps their image and overall quality targeted more towards children than adults.  Great fries keep this joint a rank above another that is eerily similar…

Lick’s is a sad story, a once great gourmet burger chain being outdone by new independent joints that are substantially raising the bar.  This may be on the bottom of our list, but it’s still a great joint.  Competition is fierce and it takes more than just good burgers to be the best.

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