Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review of Royal Meats in Etobicoke Ontario

This week I’ll be reviewing the burger I had at Royal Meats in Etobicoke.
See this is what friends are for, yet another burger joint I only discovered through referral.  This time I am pleasantly surprised at what I had, something similar yet different.

Royal Meats stands out amongst its bland surroundings and just seems like something special.  You walk in and everything from the flooring to the lighting is top notch and modern.

You pick what kind of meat you want; they have beef, chicken, and various sausages.  The meats are all fresh and on display right in front of you as you order.  This doesn’t seem like so much a burger joint as a butcher shop.  They only have one type of burger, and several meat platters for take-out orders.
I ordered a 1/2lb royal burger and sweet potato fries.  With a drink this total came to about $15.50, which is actually a tad expensive considering I didn’t order any cheese or bacon.

They have the usual toppings but there is freshness to everything.  The lettuce isn’t the usual fair, but seems like something more suited for a salad. They don’t have any gourmet toppings aside from a red pepper paste and some white stuff that I got (seems like cream cheese).  The main problem I have is the lack of cheese options.  Don’t come here expecting to get a cheeseburger, although they do have feta.  It doesn’t seem as if burgers are their thing, they just happened to have buns and added it to the menu.  The bun was incredibly soft but the meat was just a bit too thin and bland.  I could’ve went for the full pound burger but that would’ve added another $3.00 and it’s already on the pricey side.  The meat was perfectly done, not greasy, and had a smoky taste to it.  The meat just seemed a bit small.  It says ½ lb but it’s much smaller than ordering a ½ lb at Wendys.

Lettuce Burger?

I ordered sweet potato fries which were typical fair and I did try their regular fries as well.  Regular fries are skin on and crispy, not greasy at all.  I feel like they could’ve been fried for a little longer but this comes down to personal preference.


  • Very Fresh
  • Good Fries
  • Don't feel like you hate yourself once you ate it.


  • No bacon,
  • Meat shrinks,
  • Lack of cheeses.

This doesn’t seem like a place I’ll go to get burgers.  I feel that grease and cheese are necessary.  This is definitely a place I’ll go when I want to get good food, and even though it may not seem like a burger joint, they do make one of the best burgers in the GTA. 


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