Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Works Review


So I found myself in London Ontario where I was going to review Relish burgers.  I saw it on “You Gotta Eat Here” and have been there twice.  The first time was great but the second visit was completely disappointing.  I decided I wanted a change and after googling “Best burgers in London Ontario” I found The Works to be overwhelmingly popular, and Relish to have unanimously gone downhill. 
Luckily after visiting The Works I can see why it’s London’s choice, and fortunately for the rest of you, there are locations all over Ontario.

The Works is set up more like a restaurant than a fast-food joint.   Although the speed of service was excellent, a restaurant set up is not the most convenient thing when you’re ordering burgers.
The menu has a build-your-own burger setup where you pick your bun, meat, toppings, and side.
There is a large selection of burgers and you can choose from such as beef, chicken, turkey, elk, or a mushroom cap.  Instead of listing toppings to choose from, they just list a ton of topping combinations each with its own theme.  It is very time consuming to pick as there is over 50 selections, but there’s definitely something for everyone. 

I ordered a beef burger covered in peppercorn, with goat cheese, and bacon ($13.95).  The bun was the perfect density and never slid or broke apart.  The bacon wasn’t too greasy, and the goat cheese was amazing, as goat cheese always is.  My only complaint would be the seasoning as there was way too much peppercorn that it overpowered everything else.  Luckily I had a nice cold beer to wash it down.  Yes, another joint that serves beer!  Portion was average (I could’ve destroyed another). 

The Good:
·         Great selection.
·         Good service.
·         Nice atmosphere.
The Bad;
·         A bit pricey for just burgers and fries.
·         Restaurant style is inconvenient.
·         Over-seasoned meat (probably just for burgers with peppercorn)

I actually wanted to go back to The Works within hours of leaving.  I will definitely go again and try another of their great choices.  You definitely must try it, and I’m sure there’s a location near you.

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  1. Amazin' place... so much better than Relish!!!

  2. the Works is trash. Ottawa locations aren't much better, it's been downhill for over a decade from what it was like when it started, may as well be a Lick's location