Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Woody's Burger Bar and Grill

This was my first review based on a referral from a friend. 
I had never been to Woody’s before, I’ve never even heard of Woody’s before, but after my first I have mixed feelings.

Woody’s is a small place that has a bit of a pub atmosphere.  
When you walk in you see the grill, menu, and cashier to your right with 4-person booths to your left. 
There is a small bar eating area with a large flat-screen playing sports, in the corner.    
Seating is limited so be prepared to take it to go.

The menu is written in chalk and they do have quite a selection.  
They have beef, cheddar or blue cheese-stuffed beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, and even bison as meat options!   The way the menu works is that you pick your meat and any additional-cost items like cheese or guacamole.  You can then pick your toppings from a wide selection once your burger is ready.  
They have quite a few more options than you would usually and everything looks good, but a lack of labelling will lead to a lot of people asking for “the white stuff”.
They also have a dozen suggested options like a Greek burger with feta and onions if you’re like me and incapable of choosing for yourself.  T
hey also have pulled pork sandwiches if you’re in the mood for that.
There are no combos to choose from so you’ll have to order drinks, fries, sweet-potato fries, or onion rings separately. 
What may be the best part of Woody’s…THEY HAVE BEER!!!   
Choose from Corona, Steam-whistle, and a host of Molson products at the usual restaurant prices.

You order your food and then they give you a pager…so you can wait…for 20 MINUTES!!!  Now they do have the 20-minute wait written on their menu and at least you have a pager so you don’t have to wait around and you can call in your order in advance, but I just don’t understand why it takes so long.

Now for the actual tasting, I ordered a beef burger with pulled pork, crispy-fried onions, salsa, and I forget (maybe I had 1 too many).  
The meat was very thick and juicy and overall delicious; unfortunately, the meat-to-bun ratio was off and the meat was sliding around in the bun with every bite.  
The bun breaks up very easily and eating this burger was a very messy affair.  
I must also say the toppings lacked any flavour.  The pulled pork was flavourless, and the crispy-fried onions were cold.
Fries were OK but very greasy. 

Burgers are reasonable at $5.95 for a burger with $1.00 extra for cheese.
Overall I paid $18.00 with fries and a beer!! Which I find very fair compared to wait I would expect to pay at a restaurant.

  •  Good quality meat
  • Reasonable price
  • Selection of toppings
  •   BEER!

  • Wait!
  •   Bland topping flavours
  • Limited seating
  • Buns fall apart
Overall I recommend this place if you want to hang out with friends and have a beer, but I don’t think I would ever have a craving for their burgers and see no reason to get it on my own. 


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