Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Magoo's in Etobicoke Burger Review

Went to Magoo’s  in Etobicoke on a recommendation but I must tell you it was not my first choice.  I desperately wanted to review Dangerous Dan’s; however, when I arrived there they had some problems with their equipment and told us to come back thirty minutes.  I could not wait this long and after longing into the window from across the street wondering if they were ready, my friend and I gave up and hit a pub on the corner.  So screw you Dan you won’t be making the final list! I'll be reviewing Magoo's this week instead.

Now onto Magoo’s, this is gonna be a short one.  Basically it’s as if there used to be a Lick’s in the same location that was sold to Mr. Magoo, and then Mr. Magoo decided not to change a damn thing.  The appearance, layout, and set up is the same as Lick’s save for some colour choices, and the menu is very similar plus or minus some minor details.  There’s 50’s music and it seems like a place to take your kids, in fact, everyone else had kids with them.

The burgers come in 4oz or 6oz and you can get a combo with fries and a pop for $10.  I ordered a 6oz with cheese (.95) and bacon (1.50) for a total of $12.62, about $4 less than I’ve been paying at most of Toronto’s burger joints. They also have regular fries, spicy fries, onion rings, chili fries, and poutine.  There are no substitutes with combos so you’re stuck with regular fries, they won’t even let you pay the difference.   They have all the standard toppings with the few exceptions of guacamole, bruschetta, and Magoo sauce (AKA Lick’s Guck Sauce). The burger was good even though it was well done; the only problem was that the cheese was not melted; it was just kind of sitting there hating its existence. 

The fries are where the difference from Lick’s comes through.  If you can remember, Lick’s fries were the worst I’ve had so far and thankfully Magoo’s are better.  Fries were fish n chip style and a bit bland.  A friend of mine ordered the spicy fries and they are much better.  They’re not spicy despite their name, but they’re the perfect crispness especially compared to the soggy regular fries.  Very pissed that I got trapped into getting the regular fries when I asked if I could get spicy fries!!  If you wanted to order a-la-carte style, you’d be spending quite a bit more and it just seems like they’re gouging you at that point.

Note the classy trays

I must say that most of the staff were incredibly friendly and seemed to know the customers very well. 
I honestly can’t get over how similar Magoo’s is to Lick’s.  It’s not a bad thing, Magoo’s and Lick’s are both good places, it’s just disappointing to review two places that are so similar.

·         Good Value.
·         Friendly Staff.
·         Great Spicy Fries.

·         No gourmet toppings
·         Non-melty cheese
·         Can’t substitute my fries?! You kidding me?! Change that ASAP and your score would go up half a point!

The few changes from Lick’s make Magoo’s the better joint, but not worth passing a Lick’s on your way there.


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