Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Little Louie's Burger Joint and Soupery review

So I’m sitting in an economics class in College in Toronto, and the Professor is trying to make a point about something to do with economics.   He says ‘Little Louies in Cambridge makes the best burgers anywhere’.  Now I have no idea what this had to do with anything but it’s probably the only thing I remember from that course.  My girlfriend lives in Cambridge and hasn’t even heard about this place so I figure I have to see for myself.  But if College has given me any benefit, it’s given me a damn good burger joint.

This place looks like a dump from outside.  It’s basically a trailer in the middle of a gravel parking lot, but you’ll forget all about the esthetics once you try it.  Inside is pleasant and has a bit of a country feel.  Lots of lighting and adequate seating with tables, something I’ve missed with all my Toronto visits.

Now I must be honest, my review is based on a visit I made a couple of months ago because I wasn’t able to make it there for this week.  Why?  Because they have the absolute worst hours of any burger joint I’ve reviewed so far.  They’re not open on Weekends! And they close at 6!  WTF!! Cambridge isn’t some sort of hipster town where being the first one there gives you bragging rights…let people with jobs try it to!

Now on to the food, this place was actually opened just to promote another restaurant so I guess that explains the crappy hours.  But this may explain why the burgers are top notch quality.  The burger menu uses a checklist type system where you pick your meat, buns, and a wide variety of gourmet toppings.  They have soup and sandwiches too written all over the place but I had my eyes on the prize.  I ordered an 8oz burger (you can also get 5oz wimp) with bacon, smoked Gouda, fried onions, and roasted red peppers.  The meat was perfectly done and juicy, the cheese was starting to melt, and everything was perfect.  The best part oddly enough, was the bun.  I think its called an egg bun? but regardless it’s the perfect bun for a burger, chewy and delicious. 

Seriously, where do we have to drive for this?!

I skipped fries and ordered crispy fried onions as my side.  You know those little onion straws they put on steak sandwiches usually.  While I really do appreciate them offering these (seriously, I freaked out) they were a bit too greasy and they give you so much that eating them all is a cry for help.

·         Good Portion
·         Delicious
·         Lots of toppings

·         Greasy onion things
·         Terrible hours
·         Pave the parking lot!!!

I saw my professor in the hall and thanked him for telling me about this place and then walked away.  He probably thought I was a jackass.  But since he’s not a hipster, he was probably actually happy that I got to share in the experience.

Call in sick and make you way to Cambridge.


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  2. Hey, thanks for the review. I just want to correct a few things for you. It must have been some time ago that you visited when our hours were 11am to 6pm as we have extended our hours from 11am to 8pm monday to friday. The reason for being closed on weekends is that our main business is a catering company and weekends tend to be busy with weddings, bar mitsvahs, etc. Never in our wildest dreams did we think Louie's would take off as it has and become as popular and busy as it is. (of course we knew we were serving great burgers but pushing 200 burgers a day was never in the That being said, we are considering weekends as well but first we must find another spot to move the catering as our little joint has become too small for 2 busy businesses. As for the parking lot, once again as we originally leased the space for our catering there was no need for a paved parking lot as all catering is with 30+ cars parked here I can see your we are only leasing, it is up to the landlord to pave it and unfortunately she sees no need to drop 30+grand (as you may recall it is a huge lot)into a paved lot for us. regards Steve (Little Louie)